Advocacy Day 2019

On Tuesday, February 5, HPCANYS partnered with LeadingAge NY for a day of advocacy at the Capitol. Our Legislative/Regulatory agenda for 2019 focuses on the following issues: Advance Care Planning; Reimbursement for Criminal History Record Checks, Emergency Medicaid for hospice patients, securing funds from the Health Care Facilities Transformation Program, allowing hospice patient to enroll in MLTCPs, and initiatives to define and promote palliative care across the state. Read our Issue Briefs here: Thank you to all our members who showed up to advocate for hospice and palliative care in New York State.

On the same day, the Legislature convened a Joint Budget Hearing on Health Care, intended to provide appropriate legislative  committees with public input on the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal. HPCANYS has prepared testimony for the hearing. Please read it here.